Hi! I’m Corrin.


I am a marriage therapist specializing in working with couples considering divorce and a public speaker on relationship issues.  


My philosophy on couples is that we often need major changes. There are old ways of thinking when it comes to marriage and it no longer works for a modern couple. 

At some point, a couple finds themselves going through a reckoning. Things they have been putting up with, stuffing down, or holding back on sharing all come bubbling to the surface. They get to a moment where they say "f*ck this!" and consider if this is the relationship for them. They don't feel loved, respected or desired. They wonder if their partner even gets them. They're frustrated and wondering if anything can even change because they've been trying to change it for awhile.  

Speaking of trying to change things for awhile, that's one of the most crazy-making moments for them in this! When they tell their spouse they are considering divorce and their partner responds with feeling blind-sided, the other person is left feeling like a lunatic because they thought they have brought the issues up in every way possible this whole time. 

Couples need help, now. And the old advice no longer works for these modern times. We want loving, respectful relationships where we feel connected and also maintain our individuality. We want shared workloads, partnerships and a friend to walk with through life.  

We need someone to give us the blueprint that shows us how to create this.

As a speaker, I enjoy giving talks on various relationship concerns and delivering the messages in a light and funny way so not only is it entertaining for the audience, it's a more enjoyable experience for me as well.

I also deliver workshops and online courses for couples living outside of Minnesota so they can transform their relationships as well! My online courses are designed using all the tips, concepts and strategies I've developed through specializing in working with couples considering divorce and wanting major relationship transformations. 


When I'm not doing this work, you can find me walking my neighborhood listening to podcasts, hanging with my husband and two kids, petting my amazingly cute and fat dog, or nibbling on my favorite food - popcorn! 

Ready to get started?


Your first step to improving your relationship is having solid foundation of emotional intelligence. But if you weren't shown by example through your parents or had the chance to work on it as an adult through a guided program or therapy, how can you have great emotional intelligence?   Can it be improved? 

Yes! You can learn more about it, how to increase your awareness and how to utilize emotional intelligence to bring you closer in your relationships. 

Join one of my online workshops through Zoom to improve your emotional intelligence. The next date for the workshop will be announced soon. 

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